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  1. I no longer have a Thompson and no need for these parts. Feel free to make an offer.
  2. Blued Bolt Blued Bolt Foregrip & Sling See below for details and images. Please e-mail with any questions before purchasing. These are listed on another board and sold base on timestamp. Payment via PayPal (Friends & Family) or Postal Money Order. Blued Bolt ($185 shipped) Blued Bolt ($185 shipped) Foregrip & Sling ($85 shipped)
  3. Just sent e-mail directly from my Hotmail account.
  4. Just replied to the conversation. If that still doesn't work just send me your # and I can call you since I am receiving your posts and conversations.
  5. Sent message, but not sure the system used the correct address. If you do not see a message, please contact me via my page as it has been used previously by others so I know it works.
  6. No PM received but I did message you with direct e-mail contact. Jim
  7. BTT - last time before put back in hibernation for another few months.
  8. Yes, its on nice Stembridge letter head. Very basic. Nothing elaborate. It simply states "This is to certify that the following firearm :" and lists the serial number "Was used in the movie: Dick Tracy" Then signed by the Stembridge President.
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