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  1. The confusing thing is, they put the instruction to "Leave Blank if U.S. citizen" at the end of the question. Most customers read the question, and mark the answer. Simple fix would be to put the instruction at the beginning. Just My 2 cents
  2. Would still like to know the email address you used to get a response. Thanks
  3. I asked in another thread but received no response. So I'll ask again: What is this magic email address to the NFA where they straighten out the online inventory? I too have some pre-mays that are in red. I sent an email to the "Ask the Experts" option and have never received a response. Thanks
  4. What is the email address you used? Thanks
  5. Paperwork is returned to the current owner who submitted the transfer. Only one time in 25 years has incoming transfer documents been mailed to me.
  6. Very smooth transaction. Great seller !!!! Would highly recommend !!! Thanks
  7. I will take it, per our conversation. Thank you very much
  8. Sometimes you get lucky, key dates and info were were priceless to me !
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