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  1. WTB Beretta PM12 presample

  2. WTB Madsen m50 presample

    Looking for a Madsen M50 presample. Prefer danish version thanks Dave
  3. WTB Beretta PM12 presample

    Looking for a presample PM12 subgun thanks Dave
  4. Wtb. Walther mpk mags

    Can Suomis be modified ? I see some talk about it but no one ever said they ended up working
  5. Wtb. Walther mpk mags

    Looking for a few mpk mags. For smg
  6. For SWD owners with Lage upper

    Look for a cfw bolt. Lower your rof out of a factory style upper. I’ve got a grey ghost upper for mine. The Lage uppers are great but they are much bigger and lose the 1970s mac looks
  7. He’s gotta find 10 republicans. Otherwise it goes no where romney,collins,merkowski I don’t doubt they will find a few. Is UT that liberal? They need to get Romney out
  8. Form 4 gun to SOT?

    Yes. You can ship a gun direct to a dealer. Fill out the form 4 and wait for the stamp. Ship it when the stamp comes. Form 3 is dealer to dealer. You can’t do that
  9. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    If they want to get any % of them freely handed over they would reimburse for the loss. Money means nothing to them. It’s free (borrowed from our children)
  10. FOIA for a NFA item?

    I’ve done this with every FA I own that could have Any history. I’ve gotten 1 with tons of info and even the original owners name/prints and pic. Most give you nothing. But you don’t know until you try
  11. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    Biden wants to add AR15s to the Nfa. How can he confiscate machine guns and then think anyone will add semi rifles to the Nfa. As it is 50% won’t add them. If he takes FA then 75% won’t listen one idea is to reimburse FA owners. They could pay 2x value. $ is nothing to them. A billion would buy them all. They just print it. They could stop teansfers(my guess at what they’d do) in 40 years they’d all be gone. No idea what would stop them from all disappearing after the owners death.
  12. WTB uzi vertical grip - retro

    Looking for this older Uzi vertical grip
  13. WTB Reising 20 round mags

    Email sent