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  1. No trades unless noted open the offers i will ad some pics soon also pm me i can email or text oics Used knights mark 11 mod O 1 of 100 Gun is complete in case with acc less suppressor $28,000 obo shipped to ffl in this pic i was trying out a different mount the original mount is back on the gun now i will take a better pic Spf spf spf la France K gun (M14) just get he back after a full refit at SEI , work was done by Ron Smith Here is Ron shooting my K gun can see custom McMillan stock $6589.00 shipped Semi 1919A4 Buffalo Arms gun here is a list of the parts that are ba she was build in 2012 by lucky 13 aka rollin on the 1919 forums this gun comes with a-ton of extras belt links loader spare 308 barrel Evans tripod shipping her will cost a lot so my price includes $7000.00 i may separate the rifle from the acc M14 SEI forged double lugged Meza receiver 22 inch SEI M118 crazy horse barrel all parts usgi and sei built by SEI McMillan custom stock $4999.00 shipped L2A1 semi built on Australian L1A1A crossed flags on both receiver and barrel per Lithgow Australian made receiver , receiver is joe poyer import AUS11 , lower is number 11 and all parts match 6500.00 shipped L2 plunger not included no mags included or will sell stripped receiver for 3500.00 L1A1 short aka inspired by sasr bitch gun , built on Enterprise arms sporter ABIN receiver gun does not include L2 plunger brake or SAF rail , these two items can be included for extra $ $3250.00 shipped
  2. I would but not for cash it would take items that I really need like 10x M3A Ultra Leopoldo scope the correct leupold Mk12 scope. M24 scope , or correct scope for the mk13 ,M40 A1 stock , M40 A3 stock , c series Remington 700 short action , Remington 700 long action in 300 win mag . Fair trade value cash can be added by me or the buyer depending on the value of said item for trade
  3. Sorry selling as lot only , buy it and part out the stuff you don’t want
  4. Interested in ZB chest if you would consider selling it separately.; 802-226-7204 VT

  5. WTB M24R SWS

    Hi All, looking for M24R SWS complete kit or items for transit chest or rifle with or with scope or M3 ultra leupold scope I’ve firearms to offer in trade or cash , items m14s ak types, aug A3 , scar H, Barrett , etc et Please pm me with items condition price or trades , or if you know of someone looking to sell or trades Thanks Will
  6. Please dont post questions In this thread, plz pm me with any question or offers or photo requests Will ship to you’re FFL I will need a copy of your FFLs FFL or the ffl number to look up on the atf website. I ship via usps insured the ffl must receive firearms from a private person ( non FFL ) please make sure they will before posting you will take it etc Im in the SF Bay Area, east bay , I’m willing to travel up to and hour ish in any direction to meet you at your FFL if I’m commiefornia, I will ship most items on buyers dime I work full time so please be patient when asking for info or photos I will respond ASAP First, I will take it via pm takes the item. this ad is crossed listed A3 M1 Aug comes it’s 10 pmags 18” Aug barrel 3x aug scope and spare rail ,cmag aug tower , to adopter your cmag to Aug , car mount plastic for Aug . $3895.00 plus shipping ok bare with me on the M14 rifles , all three are for sale though the minute one sells I’m pulling the other two, reluctant sale and I don't want to part all three. M14 SEI old school Mesa forged marked , receiver is double lugged , this work was done by Ron smith and his dad a long time ago ,this gun has had the full sei treatment barrel is sei m118 numbered to the receiver sei op rod from sights to gas system etc etc she sits in a McMillan stock and is glass bedded, the rifle doesn’t include a scope . I sent this back to sei last year for a new sei barrel plus a lot of other work like trigger this is about as far as you can go with the m14 $6,899.00 plus shipping M14 sei newer receiver forged tempe , navy sage stock again a crazy horse set up as above with sei barrel gas system trigger job op rod etc vortex FH fixed 10 rd mag top feed, she is a great shooting gun. very accurate comes with ten round mag $6296.00 plus shipping M14 K la france in a Mcmillian custom stock , this gun is rather rare you can see Ron smith shooting her on you tube , Gun just went to sei and Ron a fully rebuilt, her , she is a keeper but I’m risking the sale so to raise the funds I need , Aron really went the extra mile for me on this gun and built the brake I wanted From scratch , I spent a lot of time talking with Ron about this rifle. He did me right that’s for sure I shot her Friday. For the first time, since i got her back and I’m super happy but I need the funds $6,495.00 plus shipping
  7. Wtb 6 digit short action Remington 700. Either complete rifle or receiver thanks
  8. Please Delete - GI M14 barrel

    I think Ohio ord has HR M14 barrels or they still show them for sale, I got one a few years back it was good to go and still is in use on my m14
  9. WTB AK47

    Pm sent
  10. M203 barrel in the white hand guard. Quick release wire type 365.00 plus shipping the quick release alone is worth 300 plus bucks Will trade Used but in good condition Aim point or used XSP2 tan or black no clones
  11. Well hell I might put the price back up now Lol , thanks much for the extra info Tony . cheers Will
  12. I’m going to lower the price to $6499.00 plus actual shipping cost. I ship via usps insured.
  13. All the m60 parts and receivers are sold L2 and L1 still for sale open to serious offers