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  1. I own one of the Bixler-Boatman 93 and decided that it was time to update the gun. After 30+ years, the bluing was wearing away, and the ratchet mechanisms were starting to wear down. Sometimes the gun would unintentionally do a 4 round burst. This was the gun in its original state… https://imgur.com/a/TpJvcK4 I was able to find an experienced and credible smith who had experience with the original 93s and asked him to update, make correct parts for the gun, and do general maintenance. This is the result after 7 months. The gun now has new internals (including new springs and ratchets), new bluing, and new modern grips. The grips were a challenge in and of themselves. I still have the OG wood grips, but those will probably be retired. Shot it last night and it ran beautifully, like a new gun.
  2. I’ve already posted the unredacted letter here… https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/Transferable_SCAR_17_on_Sturmgewehr/22-446325/?page=1 This is a straight up scam that’s been going around for years. This letter is also relevant and conveniently left out. Len Savage tried to do the same registered trigger + post 86 host combo… https://imgur.com/a/vKFJjWc
  3. This letter is misleading, and the owner of the gun knows it. The owner goes around trying to find gullible dealers who will attempt to sell his gun. According to what’s been told to me by other dealers who he has approached, the owner got stuck in this gun for $149,000 and is trying to find a way out. He been turned down by other brokers/dealers who have told him this gun is not transferable or illegal. The triggers in question are Broadhead armory triggers that are specifically for MACs. They cannot be installed in any gun, just in any semi auto MAC that is not modified. This is especially misleading because the owner is also aware of another letter from ATF specially denying the legality of installing these triggers into anything other than a MAC. This sale offer pops up now and then, whenever the owner is able to find a gullible dealer.
  4. If anyone has an XM-21 ammo can they’re looking to sell, I would like to buy it.
  5. I’m looking for the connectors for either the M60E6 or the M240. I already have the flex chute, now searching for the connectors.
  6. I own a transferable 93R. I found a reputable source who can make 93R uppers/slides (no barrel), but if it’s a one off, it’s going to be very expensive. The price will come down if I can get a group buy. if you own a 93 transferable or dealer sample and you’re interested, drop a note here and let me know. Trying to gauge interest. I have no idea of the price. It’ll all depend on how many order we can get. Expect to spend around $5000 or so. That’s a rough guess. That’s the price without the barrel. Just the slide. Either way, I’ll probably have one made myself.
  7. Yea, from the prices I see, GB all the way. I’m wondering what a transferable 240 would go for on GB.
  8. I’m looking to build an MP5SD and would like to buy a front end kit if anyone has one for sale. Demilled kits preferred, but any German front end will do. Please DM me. No scammers. Will need to verify existence. I’ll report you to police and ATF if you try to scam.
  9. Do you have an X-Ray to show that this gun is not a reweld?
  10. I had the two pins on the back of the op rod break. Not sure how to describe them, but it’s the two little pins that stick out of the boxy looking object that is connected to the op rod that keeps the op rod from jumping out. Fortunately, I have a ton of spare 249 parts, so I was able to replace it from my supply. So far, that’s the only thing on my 249 that broke. Mine runs like a top, but I clean it and keep it in pristine condition.
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