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  1. WTB M60 or 240 Connectors and Mounting Plate

  2. I’m looking for the connectors for either the M60E6 or the M240. I already have the flex chute, now searching for the connectors.
  3. I own a transferable 93R. I found a reputable source who can make 93R uppers/slides (no barrel), but if it’s a one off, it’s going to be very expensive. The price will come down if I can get a group buy. if you own a 93 transferable or dealer sample and you’re interested, drop a note here and let me know. Trying to gauge interest. I have no idea of the price. It’ll all depend on how many order we can get. Expect to spend around $5000 or so. That’s a rough guess. That’s the price without the barrel. Just the slide. Either way, I’ll probably have one made myself.
  4. WTK Colt M16A1/M4A3 price?

    Yea, from the prices I see, GB all the way. I’m wondering what a transferable 240 would go for on GB.
  5. WTB MP5SD German/Factory front end kit

    I’m looking to build an MP5SD and would like to buy a front end kit if anyone has one for sale. Demilled kits preferred, but any German front end will do. Please DM me. No scammers. Will need to verify existence. I’ll report you to police and ATF if you try to scam.
  6. Transferable H&R M-14 (C&R)

    Do you have an X-Ray to show that this gun is not a reweld?
  7. M249 owners-insight needed

    I had the two pins on the back of the op rod break. Not sure how to describe them, but it’s the two little pins that stick out of the boxy looking object that is connected to the op rod that keeps the op rod from jumping out. Fortunately, I have a ton of spare 249 parts, so I was able to replace it from my supply. So far, that’s the only thing on my 249 that broke. Mine runs like a top, but I clean it and keep it in pristine condition.
  8. Approximately how far are you from NYC? What part of Maine are you in?
  9. This is why I do business on Sturm ...

    Thanks for the update mheck.
  10. This is why I do business on Sturm ...

    Is Pete still in business? Is he still doing Aug conversions? I have a transferable AUG A1 that I’m trying to convert to A3. I haven’t been able to reach him. Does anyone else reputable work on AUGs?
  11. Is this an A1? A2? What burst? Auto? Pics would help.
  12. WTB 93r spare parts

    Hi Don, Thanks for the reply. I am looking for uppers and barrels, or other parts such as springs and pins.
  13. WTB 93r spare parts

    WTB spare parts for a 93R. If you are a machinist who has experience making uppers, barrels, or spare parts, I am interested. I am a serious buyer.
  14. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    I tried buying Doug’s last DLO gun, but it went quickly.
  15. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    I really wanted that DLO gun