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  1. WTS 5 Thompson 30 round magazines. Still in storage wrapping. These were acquired from an estate in trade. I peaked inside, no rust, appear to be NOS. 4 Seymour Products Company and 1 SW (Sparks Withington.) These would clean up nicely, or keep them in the wrap as a collectible! Sold!
  2. I have a quantity of M1 Garand parts from an estate that I aquired in a trade. I would like to sell them in a single lot: Sold! Gas Cylinders, wide base, NOS in the wrap. Qty. 3. Trigger Housings, SA-18, NOS in the wrap. Qty. 3. Hammers, used SA-5, SA-3, SA-2, 3 total. Trigger assemblies, appear to be NOS. Qty. 6. Trigger guards, milled, appear to be NOS. Qty. 4. Front sights, NOS. Qty. 6. Bullet guides, appear to be NOS. Qty. 3. Clip ejector springs, NOS Qty. 5. Hammer springs, appear to be NOS. Qty. 2. Hammer spring housings, NOS. Qty. Operating rod catch assemblies, appear to be recent manufacture. Qty. 6. Rear sight covers, appear to be recent manufacture. Qty. 2.
  3. SI have a box of what appear to be NOS M3 grease gun parts to sell. SOLD!.
  4. WTS two vintage M11/.380 32 round magazines and one M11/.380 magazine loader. The magazines are unmarked, but the loader has the Cobray emblem on it. I believe the magazines are also Cobray. Cross posted. $225 shipped or best offer. Sold Pending Funds.
  5. I have added a pair spare hand guards to the "package."
  6. Estate sale items for a friend who passed. I have 6 Hk93 / HK33 25rd mags. 2 have a 6/1/76 date marked on the follower. I believe these two came with the HK93 he bought way back when? The other 4 are later ones. Two of the later ones are NIW. Packaging is showing it's age. I also have a mint HK93 owners manual that I will throw in. The story was that my buddy fell on hard times right after the assault weapon ban, and ended up selling lots of nice rifles to Volmer one at a time to keep afloat. Volmer would not pay extra for accessories, so they were kept until he could replace the weapons he sold. He never got another HK93. Somewhere, there is a HK93 FA bolt carrier, because he did have a transferable sear. I will list the bolt carrier should it ever surface. Proceeds go to his widow. $450 shipped for the lot. SOLD!
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