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  1. Will Trade a nice French MAT 49 SMG Parts set for it... Thx PTRS 14.5 Charlie
  2. Ive got stuff to swap for what I need.. Whats anyone got? Thx PTRS Charlie
  3. WTB C&R MG08-15

  4. WTB C&R MG08-15

  5. DLO An-M2 belt fed MG Colt Mfg. $21,000 Form4

    Who is listed as the Mfg? Colt or DLO? On the rear of the right side plate is the rail riveted on or is the recess cut for the spades assembly milled into the plate? Thx, Charlie A&O C3 PA
  6. WTB C&R MG08-15

  7. WTB C&R MG08-15

  8. Check this link out posted today... PTRS14.5 Charlie
  9. WTB C&R MG08-15

  10. WTB ZF 24 Scope w/ cam #2 5.56

  11. NEED HELP reassembling HK burst trigger pack

    Youtube.. 2 yeagermisters and a beer or two or three... Good hearing from ya Don! LOL PTRS
  12. WTK difference

    Well not really... the early HK33's had the buffer in the carrier that hit the rear strike plate on the butt stock.. Don't mix them up... PTRS Charlie
  13. WTB ZF 24 Scope w/ cam #2 5.56

  14. The MG34 Drum has a spring driving tension adjustment on the back of each feed mechanicanism on each side. The MG15 drum has none. PTRS14.5