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  1. Israeli .50 BMG API, APIT

  2. WTS: .50 BMG linked 4API-1APIT

  3. WTB MPK/MPL Magazines

    PM sent
  4. Lake City 30 06 M2 in clips.

  5. Wts: Walther P-38 .22 $1,500

    Is this marked Interarms on the slide?
  6. WTS: Vector/Group Uzi

    For sale Vector Arms Uzi $12,500. Includes 4 mags, Ace soft case and 500rds of 9mm +P+ ammo. Shipping and Tax extra.
  7. FN 30 06 Tracer.

    400 rds. FN .30 cal. Tracer. 20 boxes of 20 rds. 57 head stamp. $425.00 plus shipping.
  8. Lake City 30 06 M2 in clips.

    US 3006 M2 ball on 8rd Garand clips. Full can 280rds. LC72 $325.00 plus shipping. $20.00 to most of lower 48. No shipping to restricted areas.
  9. WTS: .50 BMG linked 4API-1APIT

    100 rds. Spanish Santa Barbra .50BMG in can. $325.00 plus shipping. Will not ship where restricted.
  10. Israeli .50 BMG API, APIT

  11. 8mm Romanian $250

    380rd. sealed tin of Romanian 8mm [7.92x57] $250.00 plus shipping.
  12. Yugo 8mm ammunition

    It is great ammo. Very clean! Enjoy.
  13. Yugo 8mm ammunition

    I do have a couple left. Case is a little over the new UPS weight limit. It would be shipped out of the wood case with the sealed tin in a cardboard box. If you have an account with a freight company you could send a call tag for pickup.
  14. Yugo 8mm ammunition

  15. Lake City 30 06 M2