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  1. Thanks again, the second shipment looked great, just like the first.
  2. I'll take another 2 batches. Every time I go to the range, I bring back less than I arrived with. You don't have a good price on M13/M60 links do you?
  3. Yeah they don't go out of their way to encourage you to notice the $500 option, do they?
  4. After a couple thousand rounds, my thumb hurts. Thank you? Maybe it's time to start thinking about a linker one of these days. Links were very clean and in good shape.
  5. Thanks, mine arrived today. They look great, appreciate it.
  6. This is super-helpful, I was about to post about the same issue. This might make for a good entry in a stickied "quick tips" post, or maybe in your "helpful hints" post.
  7. FWIW: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/04/10/fnh-usa-release-semi-auto-version-m249-public/ “This morning I headed over to the FNH USA booth at the NRA show to get some exciting details about the new M249S and FN15 military collector’s series. FN is planning on having the 1st 200 models of the M249S to be a “collector’s series”. Said models will ship in a hard case with a 200 round hard boxmagazine with links, FN15 magazine, and spare barrel, along with a certificate. Standard production models will ship with the 200 round box and links.
  8. Have you tried to log in with your sturm account? Not sure if it works "backwards" like that or not, but for many of us, it's the same account.
  9. Yeah they're out there. Most that I've seen that have hit the ground have been from the first 200 "collector series" and are definitely going for a premium - $10k+ on GB. Confirmed MSRP standard: $7999 Confirmed MSRP collector: $9499
  10. Go with your gut. If it were enough to set off my radar and make me worry about it, I'd be reaching out to either local LE or someone who could check on him. I do have plenty of guys stopping by asking about full auto conversions, but most are dreaming or stupid, and laugh (or cry LOL) when you explain the rules (and cost). This sounds like something else. Worst case you piss off a customer you wouldn't have sold to anyway.
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