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  1. My favorite American 180 supressor is an integrally suppressed srt arms (doug Melton) barrel. This is much quieter than the many standard 5.56 full auto rated suppressors which I have tried over the years. Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms Co.
  2. I dont know whether it is an open or closed bolt. You might do some research. I just dont have the time now. This is the one which I shot on my mac 11 and worked fine. Let me know if you still want it and I will set it aside for you Marty Seidler.
  3. Wts: Mac 11 - 9 carbine upper with threaded barrel. No bolt. $85.00 shipped. Relisted. No funds received from buyer. Sold to Steven S. Pending receipt of funds Marty Seidler
  4. Wts: Fleming M11 -22 upper. $700.00 shipped. For MAC 11 - 9. Sold to ig720 pending funds receipt. Marty Seidler
  5. I will take the 11.5 colt upper with the front flip up sight.
  6. WTS: Lake City m72 match 30-06 ammo in 400 rd cans. $600.00 each. Face to face only - San Antonio, Tx Marty Seidler
  7. WTS: partial m3a1 grease gun parts kit, receiver pieces, 6 mags , sling, and receiver flats (not 100%). $1600.00 shipped. Postal money order only. Only the parts shown in the photos are included. Marty Seidler San Antonio, Tx
  8. Wts: used Browning M37 retracting bar (charging handle) $105.00 shipped. Postal money order only. Marty Seidler San Antonio, Tx
  9. Wtk: range of value for 1918 winchester BAR parts kit. Bore excellent. Parts in excellent condition. Stock has some minor cracks. Found wrapped in 1930's and 1920's newspaper. 1 mag. No photos yet. Posting for a disabled vet in another city. No other detail available at this time. Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms co.
  10. This is a heavy duty tray which I purchased from Geoff many years ago. The feed trays on my earlier models did not seem substantial. Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms Co.
  11. Newer generations don't need the insert. Use 62 grain ammo. Good idea to tumble the links with steel pins and the lubricate with dry lube. This gets the sharp edges off the links which cause feeding problems. Use h3 buffer and a quarter if you cant find a spring spacer. Heavy duty feed tray helps.
  12. Wts: used M60 buffer, t&e plate, front sight, bridge. 300.00 shipped. cashiers check or postal money order. Marty Seidler Sold pending funds
  13. Sold pending funds Wts: M60 Saco trunion (portion of serial number still visible), rail set (reweld) tube and butt stock. $2500.00 cashiers check or uspo money order. Marty Seidler
  14. Avoid this company. I bought an OSS greasegun suppressor from this company several years ago. Paid top price for a POS! Not as represented. No baffles. Noisy as hell. Owner refused a refund. Manufacurer denied anything wrong. I prepared a lawsuit which was not filed when I learned the feds acted first in indicting the owner. I had the suppressor rebuilt twice. It now has baffles and proper blast chamber patterned after the original wwII model. Autoweapons suppressor was merely a stepdown shell with no effective internals. They still might be attempting to sell these to unsuspecting buyers. Beware. Update: They still are - awc mark 9 oss suppressor $2195.00. Ask them about my unresolved complaints. Marty Seidler
  15. WTS: AR 15 lower, marked Republic of Texas, serial #1, with custom Kns spade grips and desert ironwood custom grips. Designed for use with xmg34 upper, shrike, ar 15 and m16 uppers. Milspec with m16 hammer, selector, disconnect, trigger and springs for use with Dias (not included)( no buffer or buffer spring included)(suggest h3 buffer and special ares spring for use with shrike upper. $1425.00 shipped to FFL or local delivery in San Antonio, Tx (suggest switching out internals to semi auto if not using with registered Dias or lightning link) This is the lower featured on my website landing page for many years. Since Atf banned the use of m16 lowers on xmg34s, I could not use this lower on it with a Dias. I sold the Xmg 34 shortly after the ruling. I was sad to see it go after enjoying it for many years. Marty Seidler San Antonio, TX
  16. Wts: 1928 A1 WW II, Bridgeport Savage Thompson machine gun. This is a "lend lease" gun with British proof marks. Matching numbers. Sold pending receipt of funds. Marty Seidler
  17. Wts: Slightly used M60E4 handguard by U.S. Ordnance. $635.00 usps mo only Inside lips milled slightly to fit oversized tube. See photos of interiors of sides. Marty Seidler Sold pending funds to Dutch 11
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