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  1. WTS: 1921 Colt Thompson Fort Worth Texas 76180 Excellent condition, matching numbers, we have had it near 50 years, very well cared for. Serial number 9911, We got several from Rodger Cox, this could be one. Dell Free 817-266-1574
  2. It’s like new condition, lots of nickle plate and it says double action on top of barrel Thanks, Dell
  3. This is the Model 2, tons of info on net. Excellent condition. Consider trades on Colt 1911s or Kimber or Glock. The Treaty Of Versailles stipulated all these were to be crushed. Del Free 817 266 1574
  4. I got one a Ceiner Dell 817 266 1574

  5. 1921 Thompson in excellent condition Dell Free 817-266-1574 Has been in our safe since 1975, for collecting only, was not a shooter, I think this one came from Rodger Cox Matching numbers, (100 years old) asking 45K but would take 10K down till paperwork clears ATF
  6. WTS Colt M16A1/M4 transferable

    Nice gun Sir, what does the C S signify? On the M4A3 will that be stamped on the lower? Iam guessing no since i didnt see in your camara work.
  7. WTS machine guns from Personal collection

    Hello Sir, really nice stuff. About the snail drums, what kind of value do you place on one?
  8. WTS: 1921 Thompson $45000

  9. WTS: 1921 Thompson $45000

    Test = Excellent condition 1921 Thompson. Nice finish, perfect working order. Matching numbers Fort Worth Texas Half down to start paperwork, other half due upon approval for a total of $45000 Dell Free 817-266-1574
  10. Hello David, with my Corporal status can I post guns for sale  Also can i post pics directly without having to use the picture sharing websites like photobucket. where will I find the compose new add button?

    1. David Albert

      David Albert

      Hi Dell,

      A paid rank membership is necessary to post items for sale.  Personal memberships are $15 or $20, depending upon whether you would like the site to host your photos directly ($20), or if you want to host them externally, and link to them on ($15).  If you are a commercial seller, options begin at $25.  Here is more info:

      In order to post items for sale, you will need to go the site store to purchase the appropriate subscription for the types of ads you wish to place over the next 12 months.  For personal subscriptions, there are 2 options, and for commercial subscriptions, there are many options.  

      You should also read through the rules, which contain all the details associated with each rank.

      Here are the links:




      Just let us know if you have any questions.

      Here is a helpful link about posting photos:

      Just let me know if you have any other questions.


      David Albert

    2. dellfree



        Thank you for taking the time to send your kind message I got my subscription and instantly hepled me navigate the site. Its been over 7 years since I posted a few items on Sturms, I was a little rusty

  11. Tony, Nice gun. What is the approximate value of the 22 conv. set/kit? Dell