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  1. I do efile, just sold the gun. Thanks mike
  2. Sold. orginal Ingram M10 45 acp made in powder springs, Ga. Includes 3 mags Excellent condition on a form 3. $6,900 includes shipping. Mike Davenport Sold.
  3. WTS, Mac 10/rpb overstamp with rpb suppressor 9mm SOLD SOLD
  4. WTS: All suppressors on closeout. All new in box. Dealer only. SilencerCo Octane 45hd cost $597, sale price $300 Advanced Armament Ti Rant 45 cost $430, sale $220 SilencerCo Octane 9hd cost $597, sale $300 Advanced Armament Illusion 9 cost $500 sale $250 SilencerCo s/s sparrow 17/22/22mag/22hornet cost $350 sale $175 Gemtech mist 10/22 integrated barrel cost $395 sale $225 Gemtech g5-22 cost $315 sale $175 Mike@southeasternguns.com Mike Davenport 205-616-6953 Birmingham, Alabama
  5. Hi Scott. Just a heads up. I have a registered bolt uzi coming in the next few weeks. Mike@southeasternguns.com
  6. Looks like Kassie Vicain is trolling the forum I got a email from kraee@hotmail.com.and called a f***ing asshole for my post just a few hours after posting. Amazing this person has been scamming this long and hasn't been busted for violating a long list of federal crimes. Mike
  7. Just got another email from kassie vicain, I get one a week should these be forwarded to ATF? I hate scammers do your research before you send money to anyone. Mike
  8. WTS a like new condition Barrett M82A1 in a pelican case with a $2,500 trijicon ta648 mgo 50. $6,500 for both. Local pick up or you pay actual shipping UPS from Birmingham, Al. Mike@southeasternguns.com Mike Davenport Birmingham Alabama 35235 205-616-6953
  9. WTS Colt M16A1 commando 11.5 inch factory gun, on a form 3 in excellent condition SOLD. Mike Davenport Southeastern Guns Birmingham, Alabama 205-616-6953 Mike@southeasternguns.com
  10. Had a problem with the pics put them in Dropbox and added a link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ipguonk9tojy1cs/AADoypf3Ee3ZdSx-bPhH8OBza?dl=0
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