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  1. Hi David, i just posted a WTS ad on the NFA board and notice there is an alert of some sort (red Triangle with an exclamation point inside it and whole post is shaded red. i have purchased a commercial account for posting privileges, can you advise what mistake i've made here or how I can remove the warning flag? 

    BTW - it's been several years since i have been an active board member so my post count shows as 0 now, my last postings and board donation were back in 2012 and were made under this username. 

    thanks for your help sir. 





    1. David Albert

      David Albert


      We have a setting that requires a moderator to approve a first post by a new member on the NFA Board if posted within a few hours of purchasing a membership.  Its to help prevent scammers.  A moderator approved your post, and it is now visible.


      David Albert

    2. jaredr


      ah, i get it. thanks! If you want a copy of my FFL or any other docs to verify identity just let me know. thanks for the board!

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