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  1. David, I posted this ad which Hedrok from Avon, Ohio first name Brian said he will take it but  never sent payment and I marked it SOLD and now cannot repost it. Can you remove the SOLD on the ad so I may repost it. I have tried to contact Hedrok from Avon, Ohio first name Brian with no success. Thank you for your help in trying to resolve this.

    Rodney Stutes

    Rodney's Distributors

     Sold REDUCED: COLLECTORS Very Rare USMC M1912 Long Drop .45 Auto Pistol Holster with Leg Strap, MINT now $55

    By  Rodney's Distributors28 Dec 2016
    1. David Albert
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      Rodney's Distributors


                 Thank you very much, I appreciate your effort and concern to help everyone accomplish their goals on Sturmgewehr.com

      Rodney Stutes

      Rodney's Distributors

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