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  1. BTT. Sweet running gun.
  2. West Hurley Thompson 1928. Was originally manufactured as Korean War Commemorative gun. Still unfired in display box when I bought it in 2014. I believe that I was the first person to fire this gun since it left the WH factory. Of course it barely ran. I had the plated parts and scrollwork removed and replaced the WH parts with USGI parts then sent the gun to John Andrewski who corrected the firing problems, refinished in matte blue and installed new GI wood. Since returning to me this gun has fired over 600rds without a single jam, misfeed or other hiccup. Now for sale on Form 4, gun comes with one 39-rd WH drum, one 50rd Taiwanese drum fitted to this gun, and 11 30-rd USGI mags that have each been tested with this gun. Has both vertical and horizontal front wood. Clean and reliable. $21,500 + shipping.
  3. Looking for M-14, FAL, Valmet or other RPK transferrable. Shooter, not safe queen. Thanks in advance!