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  1. Future of NFA items

    Again, this is the reason for posing the question. Our constitutional rights are up to an opinion of a small court. As the two articles above illustrate, which way is the wind blowing today?
  2. Future of NFA items

    Understand, but it is hard to see/read all info from an administration. Hence the question, has anyone seen/read info on this topic from the current admin?
  3. Future of NFA items

    Did a search on this and did not find any results. Sorry if it has been covered, please point me to the discussion. With the current administrations view on firearms, is the NFA community concerned about their investments? The administration has openly stated an expansion of the NFA to include semi-auto and mags 11+. Has anyone heard about a restriction to currently licensed firearms? Looking to invest in more NFA firearms for enjoyment, but it would really hurt to have a confiscation of a multi-thousand dollar item. Thank you for any input. BG
  4. Merle Bitikofer Thompson 22 Drum

    The Puma Drum from BlackDog Machine is $80+shipping alone. Crazy prices on the full conversion kit, if you can find it. I am in the process of machining 4 adaptor lugs that bolt to the Puma Mag, a lot of work involved. I’m not a production machine shop, but would not be afraid to charge $150 for the bolt on lug alone.