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  1. My Chinese L451 seemed to work well, no hang fires on the K98 and a high cyclic rate on the MG34. It had an interesting, almost petroleum smell when I opened the ammo can. After taking it all out I found a white chunk of something at the bottom that was the source of the smell. Possibly some kind of moisture inhibitor that helped keep the ammo functional?
  2. STEN MKIII transferable?

    How common are STEN MKIII transferables? Are there any tube guns out there or are they limited to C&R guns like I would assume? My current goal is to eventually have one of each of the British side loaders.
  3. WTS: Fully Transferable Machine Guns

    Per our texts and phone call, I will take your STEN MKV
  4. Machine guns for sale

    Tom is great to deal with, thanks a bunch!
  5. Looks like all hang fires for the ammo from the same factory as mine. I will try some out this weekend through a bolt gun and see what it does.
  6. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    The bare tube that I was watching sold since I originally asked on this, you wouldn’t happen to know of any MKVs available before I buy a mkII and have it converted do you?
  7. Here is the headstamps of the Chinese ammo. What say you gentlemen?
  8. Looking for a clean and functional WWII era SMG, specifically a STEN MKV, Lanchester, or Beretta 38a or 38/4X. I would prefer a transferable, tube or C&R, but would also be interested in pre may. Mostly interested in guns on a form 3. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks!!!
  9. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    Nothing on this?
  10. So when it comes to Turkish ammo, what are all the problems? I have seen many reports that it is over powered, but if one were to tear it down and reduce the powder charge to a normal power level, what would the remaining concerns be? Random question I know, but I’m getting into the 8mm game a little late.
  11. It just shipped, so once I get it I will go through the headstamps and report back. We’re the cases the primary point of concern? In my journey for 8mm ammo I’m batting 1000 on surplus that will need to be torn down.
  12. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    Do you happen to have a Sten MKV?
  13. Anybody ran Chinese 8mm ammo? I just got some at a great price, but really cannot find any information on it online. Thanks!
  14. I know that a lot of the lanchesters and mkv stens are tube guns that were converted a while ago, but are there any smiths still out there doing similar conversions like a MkII to a MKV?
  15. Kahr/Auto Ordnance Thompson M1 SBR semi auto

    Message sent.