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  1. https://gunsshoppers.com/product-category/machine-guns/ https://machinegunbrokers.com/ Both these web based sellers appear too good to be true. At https://machinegunbrokers.com/product/hk-mp5a2-a3-fleming-sear-in-4-position-pack-pack-dyer-excellent-h1301-1283/ appears to be one of Ruben's guns or a close copy even worded similar to Ruben's adverts. Does anyone have any other information about these sites. Thanks
  2. Machine Gun Price Guide updated to 3Q. Go for it haters. I am not going to argue with mental midgets I am not going to argue with mental ... I am not going to argue ... I am not going to ... I am not going ... I am not ... I am not ... I am not ... Machine Gun Price Guide
  3. Machine Gun Price Guide
  4. MGPG updates Are thru February. Adam Kraut is an NFA enthusiast and needs your vote for NRA Board. If you want a new focus for the NRA, bullet vote for Adam. See his editorial on the MGPG's front page. Machine Gun Price Guide
  5. Machine Gun Price Guide updated thru July
  6. New prices, New charts, New rants Machinegun Price Guide
  7. This issue has come up a few times over the years and here's how I understand it. If a gun is C&R and it was dewat-ed (registered dewat), it is still C&R. If it was then rewat-ed, the C&R status doesn't change. This is different from manufacturing (pre-68) a gun from a pile of parts and a new or welded up receiver. These guns are not C&R. Bob Naess at Black River Militaria is the guy that provided most of the insight on this issue. You may want to contact him.
  8. You're right in assuming that 99% of the non-C&R M3s are Medea guns. We've seen very few GM or Ithica guns that weren't C&R. Machine Gun Price Guide
  9. Two almost new charts: Comparing UZI Registered Receivers to Registered Bolts Comparing M60 Maremont builds to E4 and/or MK43 Mod0 to "The Rest" Also, we finally got smart enough to add commercial 1928s to 1917 charts.
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