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  1. Hello I am looking for scrap receiver parts from removed sights and trunnions, also un altered demilled front & rear and middle sections, send a PM what you have. yes I know gatewood has them Thanks
  2. Hi I am looking for some East German 8mm kurz-(7.92x33mm) boxed or unboxed not the WW2 ammo yes I know i can buy Pri partisan let me know what you have and asking price please PM me I will pay shipping
  3. sprat

    WTB K98k

    then you need to go to K98K.com and join, place a ad. otherwise these rifles are a minefield of fakes and bubba'd rifles, especially GB & other auction sites avoid them at all cost
  4. HI some of the parts kits being sold, have demilled receiver pieces. I am looking for a set to either buy or borrow I would also be interested in factory casting or factory second castings ( paperweights) let me know what you have, send a PM Thanks
  5. https://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=398830
  6. with original barrel they are running just under 5k
  7. Hi Also know as the KK-MPi-69 22lr trainer I am looking to buy YOUR spare parts laying around for that build you will never find the parts to complete. Now is your chance to send them to a good home Yes I now about numrich, desert fox & GB. No not looking for a complete kit, ( sorry Frank ) but partial un-complete kits Looking for MPi-69 internals , apex front ends, front end parts etc let me know what you have NO Magazines (unless they are free, I pay the shipping: ) NO front trunnions without a barrel attached, NO EG pebble stocks - handguards are acceptable I have two completed semi auto versions built, with two more to go so, Please send me a PM with an e-mail for pictures, I will send instruction for the pictures payment is PP friend & family, will do PO for large items Trades are welcome for other items what do you need!!!!!!! Thank you
  8. sprat

    AR70 Receiver

    do it yourself also where was the builder going to find the semi -USA made parts, they have not been available for over 12 years???? for 922R good luck
  9. sprat

    AR70 Receiver

    pretty common knowledge contact Cold Steel Solutions, Florida or google their website. they sell a 80% which can be made into a nice ar-70 upper, but these are not ready made receivers they are perfect their is also a company that sells FFL factory pre-made receivers but there is a restriction on building new, these are replacement only oh for general knowledge these receivers are similar to sig 55x series rifles good luck
  10. Thanks, I am no longer in need of parts for this build, thanks for your reply
  11. apex just imported them go to there website, hopefully they have not sold out
  12. wow $1,600.00 for a partial kit w/ barrel, kits lately were going for $700.00 so you are paying $900 for the barrel plus the missing parts which are available if you look. hang in there I got a e-mail from another site ( builders site) the guy is un happy with his mag arms replacement receiver blank, I offer to buy it, I know the manufacturer ( did) lets see what happens, again good luck in your quest
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