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  1. I tried paypal...I can send postal m.o. also..just let me know..727 946-0989
  2. I`ll take them...give me what you need I`m at jmtautoinc@aol.com..72 946-0989..L@T Sales,07/02 FFL
  3. Complete 712 Schnellfeuer Top End - $750.00

    What is the caliber of this upper?
  4. WTS: Lewis MG Parts

    I`ll take the item on the left..#2...just need total price
  5. WTS: Lewis MG Parts

    Gorgon,..which bolt is on the left that the fronts are pictured?..price?
  6. WTS: M60 Bolt Disassembly Tools - $85 - Pics

    I`ll take one Aaron, thanks,Tom@L&T Sales
  7. WTS: Lewis MG Parts

    I`ll take the pins and gas regulator cup...need more info on the bolts..Thanks,Tom@L&T Sales
  8. I`ll take this also..Tpm@L&T Sales
  9. Fraud Alert!!!!

    This scammer is also trying to use my license to steal,...if the money is not being sent to the FFL/SOT address and you haven`t talked directly to the real license holder or had a pic of your email on top of the item...you are getting scammed. Tom Hauslein,L&T Sales,07/02 FFL
  10. WTS: UH-1B Huey Gunship / Helicopter - Pics

    If I remember correctly..HUEY369 had an engine and trans donated to them on their project by a family farmer in Iowa..valued at over 200K..If I was still current that woiuld be a cool project...just finishing a 1944 WC 51...Goes along with the M 38 and M 274A5...A&P is out of date...last one I fixed was a Raven...ha
  11. I`ll take the steyr aug firing pin and end plate..Thanks,Tom@L&T SALES..Send me your address please. email is jmtautoinc@aol.com
  12. Wts Styer AUG $2300

    I have a preban Polytech side folder if you still want to trade...
  13. WTS: M60 Bolt Disassembly Tools - $85 - Pics

    Aaron, I`ll take one too...please send your address for payment. Tom@L&T Sales Inc. 07/02 FFL