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  1. HK53 cocking support

    Anyone have a HK53 cocking support they could spare? Measurement on these is right around 130mm or 5.1” Like this one:
  2. I’m looking for one of the 22lr magazines made for the G3 or HK91 by A&D and sold by Bazooka Brothers. I believe these came in 10rd and 20rd versions. Either one will work for me. I need it to use as the feed tower for one of their drum adapters. If you have one of these but are unwilling to sell it, please consider letting me borrow it for awhile to try to reproduce one.
  3. Value of m14 transferable?

    I’m still kicking myself for not making the time to step away from work to watch that Morphy auction. That 33k for just under $31,000 was a good buy!
  4. Anyone have one of these for sale or know where to get one? Thanks
  5. Transferables & New Pricing on Pre86DSs

    I would like to buy the MKA 760
  6. Example MG sale contract

    The offerings I have most seriously been considering are usually in state from an individual seller. So my thought process was somewhat biased toward that scenario. Although a good deal out of state is also a possibility. The MG’s I am interested are pretty run of the mill. RR Uzi, M16, or maybe an HK sear. I’m new to this so just trying to do my homework and not make a mis-step. The concern with transferability was mainly raised by the recent posting about the guy getting shafted on a Thompson. Wouldn’t have really thought of that otherwise. HHollow pretty much summed up my concern with notifying heirs. It seems in general the lions share of MGs are owned by guys that are getting up in age, and with the length of time it takes to get approval, a seller passing while the transfer is pending seems like a real possibility that could cause some headaches. Would anyone know to check the seller’s mail once in awhile for the approved form 4? What would happen if the heirs ask a dealer or auction co to help liquidate a collection without knowing that one was already sold? The penalty for backing out would mostly be to protect the seller in a 50/50 type deal. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a contract that would be totally one sided, but fair for both buyer and seller.
  7. Example MG sale contract

    Can anyone point me towards a good contract template for the sale of a transferable MG? I have been shopping around for a little while and am getting closer to pulling the trigger on my first one and would like to be prepared. Elements that I’d like it to cover are: payment terms (50/50 and 100% up front) Acknowledgement of payments received guarantee of MG transferability penalty for backing out of sale notification to seller’s heirs of pending sale ??? I was curious if there is something out there that is already a good starting point instead of trying to draw one up from scratch.
  8. WTB First MG

    $15k - $16k would be very possible. The prices for a HK sear or MG42 would be a stretch, but I could probably pull it off for the right deal. I have a bunch of potential HK hosts, which is what makes that option attractive. Realistically though, the RLL would probably be most practical.
  9. WTB First MG

    Looking for my first MG. At this point I'm considering the following: M2 Carbine kit RLL SP1 conversion HK sear (would be my #1 but cost is a stretch) MG42 ( only making the list because I believe 7.62x39 conversions are available? ) Suggestions?? I would greatly prefer something on a Form 3 or possibly on a Form 4 in Texas.