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  1. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    Just curious, but what, exactly, does your prior military service have to do with this transaction? Or is this sort of sad attempt at virtue signalling? (If it matters, I’m a retired Assistant Professor of History with eleven NFA tax stamps. Also, my dad can beat up your dad.)
  2. Is he always a dick? I sold a fellow a Title I MP5 copy. I have a C&R (yeah, I know the gun isn’t a C&R gun.) I included a copy of my FFL since it has has everything the receiving dealer needs to log the gun, and because the receiving dealer’s employee called me and told me to include it. Now the receiving dealer is raising hell with me (not the buyer) because he “won’t accept guns from individuals” and my inclusion of my FFL implies something shady and illegal. First he threatened to call the ATF. I told him to go ahead. Now, he’s saying he’ll send the gun back to an FFL of my choosing and at my expense, effectively screwing the guy who bought the gun from me. Does anybody know this jackwagon? Is anybody local who can go talk some sense into his head? TIA
  3. Is the subguns boards down

    Yeah, it appears Frank pulled the plug; he just won’t come right out and admit it, but his silence speaks volumes.