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  1. I will take it. Email sent.
  2. This reminds me of the transferable PAWS A1s that Oly turned into A2s with M4 reinforcement back in the early 2000s until the ATF put an end to it. FWIW.
  3. Knob Creek April 2020 Show / Shoot

    They should close it. Given the latest CDC guidance, why put yourself or family at risk? A lot of shooters on the line are of advanced age where they are most at risk. I wouldn’t expect many spectators to show, and think about how close one may be standing next to someone in the pole barn. We are only a couple weeks away, and as if this morning, the shoot is still on. What the heck are they thinking? I will sit this one out.
  4. I will take one lot. Email sent for P.P. Info.
  5. Browning MG Parts

    Email sent
  6. Re-sent email from last night...will take it. Please confirm. Thanks.
  7. Bought from IMA several years ago....still in original wrap, and not used by me. Very good condition. Works in Maxim, 08/15, Vickers. SPF Please email me direct at fflsot@gmail.com if interested.
  8. WTS: Lage Sow-Fire Upper for Mac 11 9mm $595

    I will take it per our call. Thanks
  9. Thanks Sir. I am not able to see your reply, so please contact me again at thv5@aol.com. Will ck. IM as well.
  10. I have several HK contract aluminum mags in excellent condition. The follower has a date code of 6/1/1976 (pre ban). $45 shipped for one. $125 shipped for 3.
  11. For delivery at KCR between 4/8 - 4/10 or FTF P/U in Northern VA - 1951 Czech ammo on stripper clips. 720 rounds. $350 - WC-844 Powder bought from Pat's reloading late last year. $130/ 8lbs - Accurate 4350 Powder. $140/ 8lbs - Pulled small rifle primers in 5,000 per flat. $90/per flat Best to email me at thv5@aol.com if interested.