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    Nice work and cool design. That stuff can be tricky to work with and get right. I built a dining table out of a fallen oak on the property. My wife hated it but my daughter in law loved it so she and my son took it home. I learned a lot of tricks about the acrylic epoxy. Did you have much trouble with air bubbles? OGG
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    Hi gentlemen and if applicable ladies, I've just joined this board and I'm actually getting out of the NFA hobby. It has become more hassle than I want to deal with. I started with 1919A4's and graduated to a nice old M2 . A couple of factors have caused me to step away from those activities. Health was an issue for quite a while after a vehicle accident. I just don't have the patience to deal with Bureaucrats that i once had. Some of you may be at the same point. I've sold my 1919's and my old M2HB but and thought that was it but I've recently found some parts in my shop that have been languishing in a box for quite a while. I know it's generally bad form to join a site and start selling stuff but I'm not looking to make a killing here. It's just stuff that somebody could get some use out of. Generally speaking I don't deal in semantics and I'm not a language cop, if you get your point across I don't really care if you use a non apt word to do it. If I can't understand what you are saying I'll ask you to clarify. Simple. I'm happy to discuss any aspect of shooting and firearms, However I don't claim to be an expert. RT