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  1. WTB: Looking for an MP40

    I wish I did jump on the Phoenix that Reuben had. It’s sold as of last week. I spent too much time researching who Phoenix is. Now he has a Neil Smith that is parkerized, but I don’t like the tube profile being all smooth so I’m holding out.
  2. WTB: Looking for an MP40

    Thanks, I spoke to Charlie about that one last week. I was feeling the gun was overpriced giving the condition it is in and I’m worried about barrel condition. Is that a reasonable price for what it is?
  3. WTB: Looking for an MP40

    Anyone know of a good condition MP40 (tube or original) for sale? I have found a few on the internet at Dealernfa and elsewhere. I’m looking for shooter grade and a tube that looks good. Thanks in advance if anyone has a lead on one.