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  1. Losing FFL/SOT and selling NFA parts

    Thank you all for you replies, I think they are getting rid of FFL's who don't generate a lot of revenue. We have slid under the $50K mark the last few years, with most of the revenue coming in the form of cans. I will only sell them to an SOT, I don't want to get anyone in trouble for possession, or worse actually convert a rifle illegally. Anybody on this board interested?
  2. ATF is has notified us that they are not going to renew our FFL, even though they were going to renew our SOT "explain that?" Anyway we have destroyed all of our Host lowers and have several new bushmaster 3 round burst kits and auto sears to dispose of before we expire. What are the rules for me selling these, I assume it must be sold to another FFL? Thanks