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  1. MP40….. bolt…..???

    That thought crossed my mind, but, with the recoil assembly in the bolt there’s no where for a hammer to strike the firing pin.
  2. MP40….. bolt…..???

    I bought a pile of mags from a guy at the gun show yesterday, enough mags that I basically got this bolt and recoil assembly for free. I grabbed the box and thanked the guy and left. then I compared it to my MP40 bolt and recoil assembly and noticed this new one doesn’t have a fixed firing pin on the recoil assembly, and it has a firing pin inside the bolt. Was this a later design or maybe a post war part? sorry I am unable to add pictures to this post apparently
  3. Wanted- original MP40 barrel

    I’m looking for an original WW2 MP40 barrel with no issues / excellent bore and good bluing. Also looking for an original MP40 resting bar. let me know what you have for sale.
  4. WTB- Sten MK2 or S&W M76

    Bump. Still searching
  5. WTB- Sten MK2 or S&W M76

    As the title says I’m looking for a Sten MKII or a Smith and Wesson M76 MUST be C&R - no tube guns, as I live in MN and I am not an FFL/SOT I have a trust and other NFA items, so I know the game and have a local Class 3 FFL I do a lot of transfers with. Message me if you have one for sale.