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  1. The proposed rule is now open for comment on regulations.gov
  2. Most commentators on the proposed rulemaking on 80% receivers have only been looking at it relative to the semi-autos, based on the changes to 27 CFR 478. But nobody is looking at the fact that ATF is incorporating the same definitions into Part 479 for machineguns, which is a major oversight. Under current law, if it's a machinegun receiver, it's a machinegun. Very cut and dried, black and white. But under the new definition, if a receiver can readily be made into a machingun receiver, it's a machinegun. Well, that basically means that every AR-15, H&K, semi 1919A4, and god knows how many other semi-auto firearms could be reclassified as machineguns because the receivers are readily modified, sometimes just by adding an extra hole (ignoring the fact that the entire fire control group needs to be changed and the bolt carriers in most cases, and just focusing on the receiver itself). I don't know if this is a sweeping nefarious act on the part of ATF or if they are not understanding the unintended consequences of this rulemaking. It doesn't appear on Regulation.gov yet, but the language of the proposed rule is downloadable from ATF.gov. I urge everyone to comment on this once it is published, because it simply cannot be allowed to go through like it has been proposed. The proposed rule is ATF-2021R-05