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  1. Thanks for your input. My SSG 69 PIV is a sub MOA gun with 168gr and some heavier slugs. As for the importation of more, the last batch that was imported was bought up by CDNN several years ago and no more SSG 69s of any variant will be coming into the US. In my book, the other variants of the SSG 69 don't bring down the value of mine. In fact, my contact at Steyr indicated that the PIV variant is quite a different animal, given the extra precision work taken in assembling it. I love the rifle, I might move it on down the road, but given its rarity, I'll just have to see. In terms of deer rifles, another animal altogether, no pun intended. -M24
  2. Greetings all, I am happy to be here. I had been avoiding forums for several years; I had gotten my fill of trolls and keyboard commandos. A colleague of mine told me about this forum and I thought I would drop in. I like it! Looking forward to getting to know some folks here, maybe even making some friends along the way. -M24
  3. Thanks for chiming in. I saw one sell for about that several years ago. My contact at Steyr told me that the PIV variant had not been shipped in to the US since before the US factory moved to Trusselville and that the PIV was the only SSG 69 that the barrel was screwed into the action vice pressed in, which is highly sought-after. Also, I was told that I would need an adapter for the European threads and that those were available. Granted this info is 3+ years old. In any event, there is now way I'd let that entire package go for $2500. I turned down an offer of $3500 about a year ago. I guess we'll have to see. I might just put it up on GB with a high reserve and see what happens. I would like to move it for another project, but nothing urgent. I sure appreciate your input, the suppressor info is great! I will reach out to a couple other makers to see what they have, sans getting a local machinist I know here in God's country to make me an adapter which is certainly possible, but likely spendy. Thanks again, M24
  4. Greetings, I am new to this forum and wanted to post a price check on a rifle I am considering selling. I am the original owner of a Steyr SSG 69 PIV (.308). It's the variant that is set up for a suppressor from the factory and are quite rare. I have the original shipping box, factory case, manual, five, 5 round rotary magazines, one, 10 round magazine, the bi-pod lug adapter, extra spacers for the length of pull adjustment, Talley rings with extra QD attachments, and an extra magazine well. The rifle has about 50 rounds through it and was sub 1 MOA with the 168gr slugs. It's a LNIB rifle and I am considering selling it. I have been unable find any info on a recent sale to get an idea of what a reasonable starting point would be. If anyone would like to chime in, I would appreciate it. Thanks, M24