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  1. All post samples available to 07’s/09s no law letter. PM me with your FFL and SOT. Business / Personal Checks will be held for 5 days. USPS Money Order preferred. Make payable to SBD Arms. Due to scammers, MAIL PAYMENT ONLY TO ADDRESS ON FFL. I will e-file all transfers as soon as funds have cleared/received. shipping is included in price. All firearms are used and sold as is, where is. There are no warranties expressed or implied. I am surrendering my SOT. ALL SALES FINAL. First “I’ll take it”, gets it. 2 Ruger 10-22 Charger Bolt Guns = $1,000 each needs work 15 Glock drop in auto sears = $500 each BUY 2 GET ONE FREE 1 Colt A/R drop in auto sears = $600 each 1 1928 A1 Thompson registered receiver = moved to GB 1 PPS43 registered bolt w/host 7.62x25 stock does not fold = moved 1 Carl Gustaov Portsaid registered receiver = 1 UZI host w/registered bolt needs to be refinished = $2,500 1 Cetme host w/registered pack = MOVED TO GUNBROKER
  2. SBD

    H&k 93a3 stock

    tried to pm you said i cant not sure why?
  3. SBD

    giving up sot

    that is not what i was told, but i get told something different. 5 people 5 different answers
  4. SBD

    giving up sot

    Are you sure i have to give up my ffl too? i thought the sot didn't have anything to do with the ffl?
  5. lookin for a 93 or 33 collapsible stock in hk grey
  6. i think usps is only available to dealers brown is a turd and wont insure stuff fedex is what i use i haven’t heard of this no gun policy
  7. forget all the bs get a magula only way to go!
  8. i like it wish i could find a inexpensive open bolt kit i would make 1!
  9. dang i just form 3 some………. So your telling me i can form 1 some stuff and don’t have to mess it up with engraving? Also i can put a real stock and tango down?? I thought there was some thing in there if a ffl took something in that was improperly marked the ffl was going to have to fix it or some nonsense. I feel like my dad in 1968…..registration? their coming to get’em boys!!
  10. SBD

    giving up sot

    you can submit the letter @ anytime during the year, but it must be at least 3 months before your sot expires(june 30) they only give you three months to dispose of your inventory. so if u submit a letter of intent on jan 15 your inventory must be out of your hands no later than april 15 yes on the form 3 it has a area to attach docs you include your giving up your sot letter where you would normally put the leo demo letter
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