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  1. WTB Mac-11 M11A1

    Appreciate the offer, but I actually have already made a purchase, so I'll mark this thread sold. Thanks
  2. WTB Mac-11 M11A1

    Finally ready to purchase my first mg, looking for a M11A1, preferably with the large magwell, depending on price. Thanks
  3. I would not be surprised if the timing of this and the proposed brace changes was intentional. There was a lot of attention on this for a very short amount of time until the brace issue took all the attention away. I don't even see people talking about this one anymore
  4. Possible to import?

    That would be such a cool gun to own. I've always been curious about the feasibility of one-off importation for a highly motivated buyer. Interested to see what you find out.
  5. Keep in mind ATF is federal and doesn't care if it's legal under your state law, they will still arrest, charge, and convict you for violating the NFA by construction or possession of an unregistered suppressor. Kansas did this same exact thing a few years ago, ended in a couple of poor saps getting convicted.