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  1. Speaking of MP5's....

    I was interested in this also but in the end decided I really prefer the 9mm

    they (MWT) recently lowered the price from $75K to $59K. Maybe they will "adjust" again or be open to a market value offer. I just bought a gun off auction from them only to find out it was previously sold. my other experiences with them have been great, however
  3. Owning M2HB

    you must be a surgeon. LOL
  4. WTS: M1 Carbine HK 53A3 M1 Thompson SBR

    Where in Ohio and are they available to see in person? Thanks
  5. Squad Automatic Wewapon

    if you do this, then retire (give up your SOT/FFL), you can "keep" it? what happens when you die or want to sell it? thanks from a novice.
  6. Potential Scam Accounts

    scammer: username : Lindaeljays sent me PM about Mossberg 590 AOW: "Not sure if you got one as I have for sale at $400 shipped selling due to cancer issues payment - PayPal,zelle and cashapp" I asked for photos and got the same lengthy "for sale" email listed a few posts above. BTW - maybe the operators of this site could restrict private messages to those who have been members for 6 months, or pay a token fee from a verified paypal account, to cut down on the scams. I know I am new to this site but I am active on other buy/sell/trade sites that use this tactic and it helps.
  7. Mossberg 590 AOW

    pm sent