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  1. Can you fill me in a little more with what you have done to the reciever?
  2. PSL 54, $2,500

    Do you have a year of manufacture?
  3. WTB Ruger MKi-MKiv pistol parts kits.

    Hi Michael, Unfortunately CT has some terrible laws regarding pistols and threaded barrels, basically has to be pre-'94. Otherwise I definitely would have been interested. Thanks, James
  4. WTB Pre-Ban Fal Receiver, CT legal.

    Thanks 0750turbo, will do
  5. Thanks for the pictures, they definitely helped a lot! Dave, I'd like to purchase these from you if they're still available. Thanks, James
  6. I appreciate the help, I just purchased a stemple that takes unmodified grease gun mags (one of the later stemples), currently waiting on the transfer. I would absolutely like to purchase these if I can make them work.
  7. Would these fit in a Stemple 76/45? They look very similar to grease gun mags.
  8. M11/9 TASK slowfire need more reduction

    Just want to put it out there, if you can get drawings/materials list. I could probably machine a custom buffer for you.
  9. Ruger MKi-MKiv parts kits. Looking to buy grip frames, barrels, and bolts, or a combo or all 3 ideally. Stainless preferably but interested in blued as well. Fair prices paid.
  10. Hello, I am looking to purchase a pre-ban Fal receiver that is CT legal. The law bans the models below by name, however, others should be ok. I am looking to move out of the state in a few years, but I would really like to get a Fal before then. Any help would be greatly appreciated. DSA SA58 PKP FAL* Fabrique Nationale/F/N 308 Match and L1A1 Sporter* Fabrique Nationale FN/FAL, FN/LAR, or FN/FNC