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  1. Saco m60 e4 value

    Maybe the piece of paper from saco defense that came in the box from saco defense is wrong then. Or maybe you are right who knows
  2. Saco m60 e4 value

    So i have had this thing a while. Tryin to find out the value. Factory built saco m60 in semi auto in the factory case. In excellent condition. Can post pics later. Dont have any on the phone. Been thinkin of sellin it. What would one of these be worth. Cant find anything like it to compare to
  3. Marcolmar Czech uk59 belt fed $12,000

    Also comes with original tool bag and tools
  4. Marcolmar uk59 semi auto belt fed boner maker. This beauty is in almost perfect condition. Comes with the following: 1. 2 sets of furniture. One blonde and one in russian red. Covers what ever kinda woman you wanna date that day. 2. Impossible to find scope 3. 3 250rd drums 4. 3 50rd drums 5. A cut down and threaded barrel for running a suppressor. The barrels are just as hard to find as the scopes. 6. 600rds of ammo linked up. 7. Anti-aircraft tripod. Tripod had two postions. One for sitting or in turns in to a pedestal type mount for standing. 8. owners manual I have more pics available if you are interested. $12000 no trades
  5. 10- 30 round pro mags 11- 20 round pro mags 1- x-products x-33 50 round drum 1- KAC rail adapter for mp5/hk94/hk53 PN# 9719. Had billet sling attachment and magpul AFG as well. All these items would be over 1125 from HKparts.com without tax and shipping. Will sell the whole lot for 800 shipped to your door. Dont want to seperate at this time. Sold the gun already and tryin to move the rest of my parts pics wont load right now for some reason. If you want pics send me a pm with an email or phone number and i will send them to you. chris