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  1. dealers role in NFA sale

    Thanks, will do.
  2. dealers role in NFA sale

    Question - how does the in-state dealer who holds an NFA firearm until the buyer is approved get compensated? I am waiting to be approved by ATF for a SBM purchase. I paid the out-of-state seller who transferred the firearm to a near-by SOL dealer, who I understand owns the firearm, per ATF, until the transfer is approved. How does the SOL dealer get compensated, if at all, if and when the transfer is approved? Is there a transfer fee, do I tip him? This is my first purchase with several months to go, I appreciate anyone's help, thanks.
  3. WTS: German MP40 fully transferable

    I appreciate the info, thanks. I sent you an additional pm.
  4. WTS: German MP40 fully transferable

    is stock no 1188 still available?