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  1. The solution is a confidential freight forwarder & broker. It wouldn't require any infrastructure.
  2. Wow, I didn't realize so many folks needed help with insurance. Thanks Guys!
  3. PM me... I am in the insurance business and write a lot of FFL's, ranges, etc. Happy to help.
  4. I would be interested in the M249... can you please PM the details?
  5. WTB: Looking for Stand Up Tripods, Pedestals, & Other Mounts for .30 & .50 cal. Seeking a variety of platforms for the .30 & 50 cal. Also interested in any helicopter and vehicular mounts. Thank you for your consideration.
  6. Cant make it to knob creek this year . Looking to buy your complete post sample machine guns. Please let me know should you have anything available. Thank you
  7. Tim, I appreciate the smooth transaction last week. Thanks for the good conversation and words of wisdom. Jeff
  8. He’s got a few good story’s too!
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