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  1. New. Don't know the manufacture details.
  2. I've used BayouGunRunner for most of mine. Never had any issues. https://www.bayougunrunner.com/FA-BGR-M16-FULL-AUTO-FIRE-CONTROL-GROUP-FA_p_771.html
  3. I understand your view point and agree with you on the part with those police that did that. But I will remind you that most of that BS eas part of political agendas and happened in blue cities. The Sheriff's Office I work with has "good people" that found that stuff just as disgusting as you and I. No need to go on further with discussing why I work with them. The point I was trying to make is that the farming of LE letters makes it harder on the other SOT's with legitimate business transactions.
  4. Under the same federal jurisdiction that decided to leave $85B worth of weaponry with terrorists? No thanks, I work with these guys and would trust them any day over our government. They are there to defend their town and their families. Not all police officers are pussies like the ones in Uvalde.
  5. This is the reason my current demo is getting dragged through the fucking mud. Took us 105 days from submission of the form 3 to get approved and they denied the 240B because we already had a 240D wanting to be tested. Two different variants of a gun that share the same receiver. Before anyone chimes in that no LE agency needs these types of weapons that all depends on the terrain and possible threats they might have. In their case they have a large liquid gas storage facility being built that is going to supply a tri state area. Being extremely dangerous and a needed natural resource makes it a good infrastructure target for terrorism. That combined with their terrain of hills and valleys makes the 240 and 249 good weapons for them if such an event occurs.
  6. I checked and all four kits have the OD green butt plates. They are in fair condition
  7. I'll have to check it's black first. Just noticed that in the title.
  8. I have one on hand from partial parts kit. I'm not sure the value. Name a fair price and shipping and it's your. PM me your phone number or email and I'll send pics.
  9. I'm not trying to get in the middle of this but I can say I've never bought anything illegal or that even required a license from Greg or sold anything to him. I'm a FFL/SOT and he helped me find a few parts for my 249 and 240. Transactions were straight forward, he helped supply the parts needed for a fair price. Nothing more or less. I hope all this gets cleared up for Tate. It is bullshit how they entrapped him and twist the facts to make him appear guilty to a jury that knows nothing about the laws except the false statements the prosecutor presents to them.
  10. Yes. About 2 months ago and several other times over the last couple years. He has always delivered what was ordered and at good to great prices. I'd work with him again too.
  11. Kit and all.misc parts purchased. Thanks to those who replied.
  12. Same happened to me. Called the number and they took care of the fix with me on the phone in about 15min.
  13. I'm guessing the semi you have is a Gen1. My Gen 2 carrier is formed like the FA carrier but milled out like the semi auto. Purely a guess but I would assume the wanted to make the FA carrier heavier so it would slow down the cycle rate.
  14. Trip bar for the upper is needed. The lower uses a standard M16 auto sear that is tripped by the bar. The tricky part is the action of the gun abuses the trigger group. That is why they have a disconnector cover in them. No one sells a full auto trigger group for the MPX. I've reached out to Timney and Geissele about it. Timney won't reply to inquires and Geissele said they have no plans to unless they have enough demand (they wouldn't clarify what enough is). I've tried modifying triggers to fit and they all end up breaking. I broke the factory disconnector cover from Timney and another I made in house out of aluminum to work with a POF drop in trigger, it broke immediately too. I also bought a Geissele MPX semi auto trigger and used a Geissele FA hammer slightly modified to fit and it broke the hammer. I've tried slowing down the action with Geissele springs with the Geissele trigger group and it kept jamming the gun until I used factory springs again. I've spoke with other SOT's and they are getting the same results but just change the hammer out when it breaks. The first two disconnector cover broke within 100rds and the Geissele hammer broke around 200rds.
  15. Would like to buy. Email sent.
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