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  1. Gunbroker prices

    Gunbroker has always been like that with hard to find items. I guess some people would rather pay more than to wait longer or search for it.
  2. Making a AR10 f/a

    I was actually referring to the part where he mentions it needs a modified carrier with a standard M16 sear.
  3. Making a AR10 f/a

    I'm not sure. I always assumed it was similar but googling it said otherwise. I did come across this though. https://shop.machinegunguy.com/AR-10-80-completion-jig-request-either-billet-or-forging-AR-10.htm
  4. SOT renewal

    I mailed mine out early April and received the new license the first week of May.
  5. Looking for Dead Air suppressor

    Not trying under cut Ryo but I'd be happy to help any board members out as well. I primarily use Allen Arms and Silencer Shop for suppressor orders. Allen Arms will show what brands they carry and Silencer Shop show brands and stock status. PM for pricing.
  6. Losing FFL/SOT and selling NFA parts

    I'm curious about the refusal to renew as well. As for the unregistered M16 parts. They can be sold and don't require a license to own. It would not be wise for someone to buy if they own an AR15 and don't have their SOT but just put a disclaimer on your ad. Or require them to have a SOT if that makes you more comfortable. At the end of the day they are just parts.
  7. m16 4 position fire group

    It looks like the third hole does not have a pin through it so it would still need the sear pin hole in the receiver, requiring a milled and registered receiver to work? I could see it needing to be registered if it was made to drop into an undrilled receiver though.
  8. WTB... M240 Mag58 receiver parts

    Got a bottom plate from a board member. Thanks. Still looking for: M240 receiver rails M240 trunnion M240 gas tube M240 rear sight block Email me @ selectfireguns at outlook dot com
  9. Why are no "law letter" guns so expensive?

    I think it's about time and knowledge. Law letters take time to get and require actually working with a department. You also have the wait time from the manufacturer. Yes some guns are very simple to convert and have parts readily available. But if you have less time and enough money it's easier to just pay the extra $500-1000 to get what you want. The M16 lower would cost about $200-250 in material and then tools and time to build. The MP5 is just the pack ($50) and carrier for some guns. And then the time to remove the shelf on the pack. The PS90 conversion is easily done but hard to find parts at retail price. Also the factory P90 barrel is a wanted item and a used one will run you $700+.
  10. I'm looking for the following m240/mag58 parts. M240 bottom plate M240 receiver rails M240 trunnion M240 gas tube M240 rear sight block Email me @ selectfireguns at outlook dot com
  11. WTB M240 Spade Grip

    https://www.modarmory.com/product/m240-spade-grip-and-buffer-assembly/ No trigger but the only shows in stock
  12. 7.62 NATO BALL

    PM sent
  13. 308 TRACER

    PM sent
  14. I'll take the CZ Scorpion. Edit: I found the purchase link. I wasn't in frame when viewing the webpage on my mobile at first.
  15. WTB... M249 slide

    Slide found and purchased.