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  1. Could post for a local buyer, some people will buy a can especially for a discount especially with no dealer fees
  2. Virgin Wilson Sten Tube

    Thank you everyone for repies, definitely not a area I am knowledgeable about. The reason I asked was because the opinion on this seems to be somewhat gray at times. $10,000 is pushing it somewhat for me. John K is finishing up my Mendia M3 currently, want to get my knowledge extended for a possible project for the future.
  3. Virgin Wilson Sten Tube

    Very tempted by the listing for the Wilson tube. What other options are there for a beside a Sten/Sterling, MP40 or a Lancaster? Would this compatible with a Swedish K parts kit?
  4. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    There is a fairly nice police turn in for $19,000 on gunbroker right now ( not mine). Seems somewhat underpriced for what it is.
  5. Been debating on letting go of my SGW RR due lack time/interest in shooting as of late. The prices seem to be a bit wild as of late with lots of highs and lows. Would 20,000 be to much ?
  6. WTB Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Parta Kit

    I can hope.
  7. Hotchkiss Universal 9mm SMG Parts Kit PM if you have one for sale.
  8. WTB Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Parta Kit

    Definitely still looking
  9. WTB Owen Parts Set

    Preferability with a barrel and magazines
  10. WTB Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Parta Kit

    still looking
  11. Looking for a unfinished sten tube
  12. WTS M3A1 Grease Gun Parts Kit

    Still available?