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  1. I want to Buy or Borrow or Steal an Extractor for the Demro Tac-1 9mm Semi Auto Carbine. I'm pretty sure one from the Wasp and Fox will work as well. email works the fastest to get me - LotsaTiques@aol.com Thanks a lot, David
  2. I'll take the mini 14 mag
  3. Ah, I was looking for a new one for my customer. Hmmmm, what's the best price shipped to me? I'm an FFL so no legal issues sending it to me and I can pay you anyway you want. This is a quick way to get me - LotsaTiques@aol.com Thanks a lot, David
  4. How old is the drum? Thanks
  5. WTS: Sten MKII by Tapco

    Hi......I'm interested in the 3 tapco sten mags for $40....Let me know how to make payment. email is the fastest way to get me - LotsaTiques@aol.com Thanks, David
  6. Hi All, saying hello and with a problem. I have a rare (but not all that valuable) Demro, Tac 1 semi auto rifle in 9mm. The extractor is missing. Would anyone have the specs or info on where I can get one? If I had the old one I could have my gunsmith make me one but alas, I do not have it. if any of you have one that you'd possibly lend me I would gladly pay you and send it back to you timely. I'd just need to borrow it to have my gunsmith copy it - I'd guarantee it won't get damaged. I'd also be willing to put up cash (any amount). The rifle is not a shooter without the extractor. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks for any help. Best, David (Cape Cod) LotsaTiques@aol.com