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  1. I'm trying to figure out why that boat has 4 MG's mounted on the stern, are they being chased or doing the chasing?
  2. Trijicon just replaced the tritium in my acog. Got it back in about 3 weeks after shipment.
  3. Will throw in an original HK Lazer for sp89, do not see these to often.
  4. Very Very good condition sp89 trade only for sp5k-pdw. Sp89 has been shot but in 95% condition.
  5. What would it be worth, excellent condition, low 15000 ser#.
  6. I guess what I was asking is if anyone might have an idea of the # that might be in the registry.
  7. How rare is a partial fence Colt factory m-16 marked ar-15.
  8. It's one of 20? Looks like an m16a1 with a non original upper to me. One of 20 what?
  9. My dealer received mine today, just wanted to say thanks, it was in excellent condition, had just a couple small light scratches in finish, much better than I expected. You should package a little better though, box had several holes in it, FedEx has no pride anymore. Luckily shotgun was not damaged, from them.
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