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  1. Yes, and thanks', I passed on that.
  2. I'm going to add that the seller is asking $300 for each 200 round can, I'm not to sure that that's about right in today's market .
  3. couldn't post on ammunition forum, not sure why, But I've come across some 1993 Portugese surplus belted 308 in sealed cans, I have no idea what a fair price is to pay for this stuff. I'm not selling, I'm buying for my own use. value ??
  4. Yes, That may have been the original spring for that colt made in the 70's. I ordered a Geissele spring kit with H2 buffer for that one. we'll see how that goes. My other carbine has a colt mfg. H2 buffer in it but an aftermarket spring. I'd like to upgrade that spring without having to replace my colt buffer which is what I had to do with the Geissele upgrade. any recommendations appreciated.
  5. UPDATE, cleaning the colt xm177 and decided to measure the recoil spring. It was only 8 inches long. Because it was broke and the other 3 inches was still inside the tube ! It fired fine all day but didn't have the strength to strip that first round from the mag .
  6. Me and another guy ran close to 800 rds thru this pair of shorty 16's today. No overheating since we took plenty of breaks although the hand guards heated up a few times. A fun time shooting down into a creek with steep banks for a good backstop, Throw something in the water and shoot an inch below it and launch it 50 feet in the air, then when it lands we both opened up on it. lot"s of fun ! Both guns on occasion would not strip the first round out of the mag when using the bolt latch, you had to use the charging handle & pull the bolt all the way back and let it fly and even then it wouldn't chamber some time. Using a variety of steel Mil spec 30 round mags with 28 rounds in each one. One gun has the M4 feed ramps , the other doesn't. My guess is that 28 rounds in a 30 round mag is just to tight. wondering what thought's are ??
  7. sounds good, I don't think we'll be overdoing it without taking a few breaks. Thank's guys !
  8. Talking standard gas operated M16, is dumping a 30 round mag non stop hurting anything ?? I'm sure doing it multiple times will overheat something or melt the gas tube, wondering where that line is where you start damaging the gun ???
  9. Hey guys, I've got a ruger 22/45 MKIII suppressed pistol by s&h arms. If any of you own these you know what a pain it is to take the gun apart and reassemble. I'm not talking about the suppressor but rather the ruger pistol itself. I know there are some upgrades available to simplify things. If anyone is a guru on these I'd like to hear from you so I can start shooting this again without dreading the disassembly / assembly. Paul.
  10. So at a local gunshop i saw a couple short barrel mossberg shotguns, 14 inch barrel no stock, the owner said they sell just like any firearm on a 4473, so how is this ?? I always remember the 18 inch barrel requirement and 26 overall length...
  11. Thank's for bringing me up to speed on this. Paul.
  12. So if I were shipping a few 50 cal. ammo cans full of linked ammo via ups can I ship the cans as is or do they need to be in a cardboard box ?? ORM-D stickers on all 4 sides of course. Thank's Paul.
  13. Interesting that ups was mentioned, I know that years back they specified that machineguns were prohibited from being shipped, I'm sure people still used ups but if a gun was lost and you had to file an insurance claim they probably wouldn't pay.
  14. Hey Guys, I've been out of the game for quite some time and wondering what options are available to get a Ma Deuce & tripod to the buyers dealer who is roughly 1500 miles away. I have the military hard case that holds the gun & barrel. Shipping options & or Can a representative of the buyer, or someone else pick this up in person ? I'd like to hear every possible option. Thanks' in advance.
  15. Can a personal check be used to pay $200 tax stamp fee ??
  16. Transferable M2HB built by Ohio Ordnance in 2002. WWII era parts on a Group Industries side plate .Only 400 rounds thru it other than the test fire by Ohio Ord. & been a safe queen since. Original owner, Gun is on a form 3 in Edmond Oklahoma. Price is $42,000 Gun & tripod only. contact for more info. No trades.
  17. Have you found an M2HB yet ? I have a safe queen built by ohio ordnance on a group industries side plate, transferable, test fired by ohio ordnance & we ran 200 rds thru it & been sitting since. parts came from anzio iron works, supposed to be WWII AC parts that came from dismantled guns in eastern Europe. I haven't been actively trying to sell it but would consider. Paul.
  18. Over 20 years ago I had Ohio ordnance assemble my group industries side plate with a WWII era select parts kit, most stamped ac. it's been a safe queen with only 200 rds. thru it. It's on a form 3 although I'm no longer a dealer. I'm thinking about retirement & that one will be the first to go. I've seen the mg price guide but not sure how accurate that is. Wondering what it would bring with an M2 tripod. Gun is like new , has semi capability & scope dovetail. Thank you in advance for a reply.
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