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  1. I've read that Lacquered coated steel cases should be treated with caution in an MG42. One source of that information is from Folke's book. I've read that from other sources as well, but don't remember where.
  2. My book shows that some were marked with a number 4 and a letter Q. No, the Small Arms review article isn't on this forum. You'll have to google MAC 10 Magazines, and look for MAGs for MACs to find it. I see you're from Marietta GA! What's it like there? That's were Military Armament Corporation moved to after closing their Powder Springs operation.
  3. I think it's just random luck. I pulled my mags out of my safe today and looked at them. I have two that came with the gun. One has the MAC/Cobray logo on it, and one does not. Both have the MP9 mm mark on them. I have some others I purchased from from Ruben Mendiola back in 1999 that have both the MAC/Cobray logo and the MP9 mm markings. I've read that some had a number or letter underneath the MAC/Cobray logo. Look up the Small Arms review article.
  4. Those are modified MPL magazines made for the MAC 10 9mm. Google MAC 10 Magazines and look for Mags for MACs - Small Arms Review. That has additional information on these, and all of the other MAC magazines.
  5. I have a book THE MAC MAN by Frank Iannamico and Don Thomas published 2011. According to them The Military Armament Corporation imported the 32 round Walther MPL 9mm submachine gun magazines from Germany. Slight modifications were made to the magazines to adapt them to fit and function in the Model 10.Some have the MAC/Cobray logo on them, some do not but all have MP 9mm or MPL stamped on the side. The photos in the book show those markings on the back of the magazine. The early modified ones have a rectangular stop welded to the side. The newer ones had the magazine stops press punched into the body like what you see on an MPL but lower on the body like in your photos. It looks to me that you have the ones with just the MP 9mm stamp. I have 10 that look just like yours but are marked with the MAC/Cobray logo on the front. They function flawlessly in my Powder Springs M10.
  6. I'm very interested, pm sent.
  7. I don't remember the users name, I guess I should have written it down. I edited my first message to samplew that said I was really interested in his C&R MG42. Someone sent me a message around 1:00 AM saying to text them had a C&R MG42 30K. No one sells a C&R MG42 for 30K. Their user name was strange, and they joined this forum 1:00 AM. It just didn't look legitimate to me.