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  1. Makes sense thank you all for your helpful responses! Still looking for a Ramo M2HB!!!
  2. Interesting information G3K. So it would ship to me immediately and I’d have it while the form 4 was being processed. Makes sense since I’d transfer it on a form 4 if it was sold at that point. Thanks for your comment #1
  3. Already have a Ramo 1919A4. However I got it on a form 4…
  4. Time to grow the family! Looking for a transferable Ramo Side Plate M2HB or a BAR but open to suggestions #1
  5. Thank you for the response but I just finished a transaction with autogun so I’ll no longer be interested mods feel free to close this thread
  6. Anyone that has stingers or other strange AOW style weapons let me know!
  7. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve hated my wrists so punt guns are welcome If you have a shotgun I can chop I WANT TO YOU TO SAY HI
  8. Which is why I listed the 4 I would be buying as 3 150s and a 250.
  9. Even if I got 3x 30s at 150 each= 450 and 1x 20 at 250= 250 That would be $700 plus shipping. Not $810. Unless you’re planning on spending $110 on shipping.
  10. How much would you want to see for the other 5?
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