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  1. Rock Island Armory / Armscor 1911 A1 Compact. NIB. Comes with one magazine. $490 Shipped to your FFL. Only to states where legal. Lakeside Guns Fairhope, AL
  2. Look into filing an ATF Form 6 so the part can be shipped to you. Have done this in the past and bought some Browning belts from Marstar. You can find the form on the ATF website.
  3. I will not be renewing my SOT. No law letter required for current 07FFL holders with SOT. PKM in excellent condition. Vltor receiver with Hungarian parts kit done by Vltor. Will include the following: Spare number matching barrel. Never fired. PKM tripod. Both rubberized gun bag and tripod bag. 4 fortress cans with belts.1-250 round belt, 2-200 round belts and one can has 10 25 round belt segments that can be put together for 250 round belt. Also there are 8 extra 25 round belt segments. 2 100 round cans that attach to gun with belts. Belt loader with box. No tools. Large pintel cradle. Holds gun and ammo can. 36" riser tube for cradle. Fits in a 1917A1 tripod base. (Base not included). Bolt repair kit and broken shell extractor with pouch. Price is SPF plus actual shipping. PM me with any questions. Open to offers. Available to the buyer of the gun I also have 6-800 round cases of Czech light ball ammo in sealed crates. $250/case. This is excellent ammo for this gun. Lakeside Guns 07FFL/SOT Fairhope AL
  4. Pioneer Arms 7.62x39 Sporter Rifle. New in box. Comes with one 30 rnd Magpull PMag. $700 + actual shipping to your dealer. PM me with any questions. Lakeside Guns Fairhope, AL lakesideazguns@gmail.com
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