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  1. WTB: German mfg. HK #3 /#7 LP

    Still seeking HK German made #3 and or #7 locking piece(s). Thanks!
  2. WTB: German mfg. HK #3 /#7 LP

    Exactly, O yes I'm on the notification email with them as well. Fudge missed that boat... thank you for your reply. Can only wait, something/someone will pop up I hope. Wanka Bar anyone?
  3. WTB: German mfg. HK #3 /#7 LP

    The struggle is real, can't find this f'en German made only #3 LP / #7 LP anywhere... Help a good guy out please :-)
  4. Hi Folks, Seeking HK German made #3 / and or #7 locking piece(s), prefer new. What a PIA part to find ha! Please let me know what you have, much appreciated!