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  1. Colt LE901

    Thanks I will keep looking
  2. Colt LE901

    Would you be interested in selling the complete upper minus the lower? Already have a complete lower. Thanks
  3. Colt LE901

    I have no idea what a complete upper goes for please give me a number if you have a colt 901 upper for sale I would appreciate any number you give me . Thanks Robin
  4. Colt LE901

    Looking for a complete Colt LE901 .308 upper with bolt ,blot carrier.etc. Thanks
  5. SCAR 17s

    Looking for a complete lower trigger group ( black) bolt ,bolt carrier. buttstock
  6. So the gun is in 308 as it stands but comes with an additional 556 conversion? Thanks Robin R.
  7. WTB: MP18,I or MP40

    You should really get on "YouTube" and checkout a guy named "Mark Novak" look under MP-18 Restoration he takes a thoroughly welded up Mp18 Dewatt and brings it back to life he is an excellent gunsmith . Even the most fried Dewatt can be saved given the right guy to do the job.By the way I have owned a beautiful MP-18 for the last thirty years they are incredible , wonderful guns good luck I hope you find a nice one ,but don't hesitate purchasing a dewatt for the right price.
  8. will you ship to California now that the ban has been lifted? Thanks Robin R.
  9. Star Z-70

    Wanted Star Z-70 parts set with original barrel.
  10. Good observation Why are there no rifling grooves apparent under the machined comp. slots?
  11. Steyr MPi 69 parts kit

    Hi,How do I get your contact info. For credit card payment? Also do you have a Star Z-70 parts set with original barrel? Thanks LA Actor
  12. Steyr MPi 69 parts kit

    If the Mpi kit is still available I will take it. Thanks Robin R.