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  1. I will handle Title I and Title II Firearms transfers. M J TAGGART'S ARMS & AMMUNIUTION LaPorte, IN 46350 219-393-8292
  2. I was told by an FFL/SOT that NFA in the registered inventory of a Sole Proprietor on Form 5320.3 can be logged out of the business FFREG to the FFL/SOT's Personal Firearms Register. The logic behind this is that they are already registered to the FFL/SOT by virtue of the Form 5320.3. This is assuming the FFL/SOT is not discontinuing business, which has other guidelines. Any thoughts or comments welcome.
  3. If so, I'd like to add my information. Nixxon FFL/SOT Indiana
  4. I'm an FFL/SOT in Indiana, which is a NFA friendly state, but I make it a practice to have my FFL license copy, SOT, along with the Form 2s of any post samples I may be using at the time. It just makes sense to avoid any misunderstandings with "The Man" whether they be LEO, ATF, or any other badge carriers. The same also applies when I take a customer out to try out their new NFA toy, which in this case would be form 3 or 4. I also provides an example of what they need to be prepared for.
  5. Please state price and condition. Thanks