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  1. I found my gen1 instructions and assembled the upper. If anyone else needs them I can help, pretty easy process once you have done it.
  2. Kearney Nebraska around 1995 with my dad and brothers. Had a great time and remember meeting lots of wonderful people that my dad knew.
  3. I have a like new gen1 AM15 upper and I do not have the instructions to assemble it onto my lower. I have a schematic for the FCG and understand installing those parts but I am unsure of how to set the adjustable buffer assembly and install it. I reached out to TI but was told they didn’t have the instructions for the gen1 units. Would someone be so kind as to scan theirs for me or possibly describe what steps I need to take to adjust and install it? I’m planning to upgrade the upper to a gen2 but was told the wait could be many months and I’d like to shoot a few drums through it.
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