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  1. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    I'm a former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry officer and combat veteran. I have 8 NFA tax stamps including FA. Purchase funds were sent overnight. I paid $199 for shipment of this piece just two states away. Shipping box indicated the seller paid $61.65. "Rory" refused a refund of the difference. I have a problem with that.
  2. I've asked the website admin for help in leaving buyer feedback from the Full Auto forum. They suggested this section as a possible option. In March 2021 I purchased an IMI Full Auto UZI from seller RORY and I have been extremely disappointed in the transaction. I will not buy from this seller again. Facts: 1. I asked how the weapon runs? RORY answer, "Runs great". The weapon was test fired at my FFLs upon receipt and it jammed 3 times out of 50 rounds fired. 2. I asked the seller if the top cover was ratcheting? He responded that it was not. The weapon was received and I discovered that it had a ratcheting top cover. I had just purchased a ratcheting top cover a week before to install based on his description of the weapon. 3. RORY suggested that I send payment overnight since the USPS mail often gets delayed. I sent payment overnight. 4. When I asked the seller to ship whithin the seven day period as outlined required in our bill of sale he sated that the funds didn't clear from (his) PP to his bank until Monday. 4. Seller RORY sent me an insurance and shipping estimate then said the shipping total was $255.50. This is shipping from his brother's (?) FFL in PA to Richmond, VA. He wrote,"Has to ship airmail since it's a pistol" "The next day shipping is about security of the firearm". He also said he has "bought or sold over a hundred class three items". I suggested that he ship registered mail and I received no response. He stated "This is the cost for shipping. I'm fine to hold the gun until you send me the money". When my FFL received the weapon the box showed a label indicating that $61.65 was paid for shipping. It did appear to be shipped registered mail. In the end I paid $199 shipping. The seller said he would,"eat the extra costs". In the end, the UZI was mailed April 2 and reached my dealer Apr 13. Eleven days later. 5. Seller stated,"There was a period of about 5 years before I got a license that I had something to transfer at all times". He also mentioned in his ad about having "Posties". These statements led me to believe he had an FFL. He later stated,"Not mine. All my brothers". 6. The ad said 3 mags were included. When the weapon arrived it came with 1 magazine. 7. I've asked the seller for a partial refund on shipping. He has not responded. In conclusion: I will not deal with this seller again. Thank you.
  3. I'll take it per our communication.