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  1. Well for a start, is this to be a shooter drum or a collectible drum? Them from there, make, markings, conditions, etc….
  2. Dear sir, I agree with you 100%. Principle alone is ultimately what matters the most which equates to truer liberty and freedom. I am in my forties, and you at 26 in your twenties, represent the correct attitudes and apparently the work ethic and values that made the USA Great in the first place. No disrespect meant towards you, I just seriously ask, how many people regardless of age or life situation, will actually stand with someone like you and me? Yes, right is right no matter what to me. I only ask because it just seems to me that the numbers just are not there. Everything aside, it is hard to argue that people were more self reliant not to many years ago. Every tool and process and technology can be used for good or evil. Ultimately the individual has to make decisions. In general as cities become mega cities and things are more provided and supplied then acquired and worked for, the greater the percentage of the population becomes complacent and dependent. Also people value things less the less they work for them. It is just human nature and psychology. In the long and short of it, everyone is free to do what they wish in the bounds of the laws. IE. The quote “your freedom ends where someone else’s nose begins.” At the same time though, 100% of people break down into some basic types. 1-2% are lunatics, about 10% type A personalities (ie. seals, leaders, extroverts), 30% hardcore liberal as you can be, 30% hardcore conservative as you can be, and about 28% are those central type people that just fill in the times. In all this mix again, can you really run a campaign of let’s make open 2A Rights included common use military weapons as the constitution supports? All able body males who apply at say 17 / 18, have a government safe / strongbox on their house. In it you will have an auto rifle and handgun for for training and reservist service like in Switzerland? The tide is flowing back to a common sense law and order. Yet there are just to many liberals and extreme view socialists in places to make allot of noises in the media. It is just hard to get the votes you need to support these bills and repeal the NFA for example. Yet the Path of Rome seems to be ours….
  3. The best thing to happen the opposite way was the GOPA. The Gun Owners Protection Act was a bill that actually did what the name said. For example, you could legally ship and order ammo through the mail!! I was still in school ag he time, and my uncle ex army military got me into firearms in a bigger way. the only thing that tripped up things for NFA was and overzealous democrat on a mission, and there was no line item veto. There is of course many thousands of good lines to the bill mixed with that 1 closing the registry for civilians. Reagan had met with the NRA and others before signing. He did not have ant to ban anything. He was just encouraged to sign as jot to lose all the good parts. Of course shortly there after line item veto bill was passed to cover future eventualities like this. With Trump, there was the best hope for change. For example, he was to get the hearing protection act legislation through, so suppressors would be taken off the registry and widely available as in Europe shooting sports for example.
  4. I appreciate all the great info so far. So they are Picasso. It a shame that some one could not have taken a little pride in their work. The personal round count testimonials, and the round count on rental ones is amazing. The rentals definitely would show the first signs of wear and tear and abuse. I guess the alloys are tougher than they sound…. I just thought that since I am like a swap o matic and a have a plethora of M16 uppers, having the strongest could not hurt. Also I will be burning allot of ammo in a shrike upper. eMGunSlinger, I understand some being out of spec, and you did some repairs specifically too one. If I may ask, how did you “break” one? I mean are we talking like a crack or broke into pieces? Was it a kaboom? Pin shear? Or maybe the stainless steel had imperfections in the material? I do know there is torsional, expanding, shearing stresses for example. Just curious? I guess X-Ray Proofing is in order….
  5. Thanks for the reply Thumpy. As I said just a general inquiry…. The one caveat that is always good about that type is no hole wear for the take down pins. If you use titanium push / click type pins for example, I think this type of lower would outlast us all.
  6. WTK: What is the general market value of a Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1 marked lower? Granted this is not a Colt M16A1. Under license, Group Industries had a run of receivers. This in particular was from a limited run of 800 Stainless Steel made type. Just a general inquiry. Thanks for looking….
  7. Dear sir, sent you a PM.
  8. WTB: HK21E weldments wether German or USA. My main one I am really looking for is the rear receiver weldments for the feed mechanism. I am willing to pay good compensation to acquire this part in particular. Thank you.
  9. WTB: HK Trigger Pack It can be DLO, Neal Smith, LaFrance, etc. Please send me a description of what you have, and your prices. Also too I can offer a finders fee of at least $500 for connecting me to a deal that leads to my successful completion. Thank you for your Time. Best Regards, Scott
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